CoaXPress Roadmap – Status at June 2019

The current v2.0 version of the CoaXPress standard was released in June 2019, and includes the following key enhancements in relation to the previous version v1.1.1 (Dec 2015):

  • Speed:  A key aim of CoaXPress is to support the fastest cameras on the market. CoaXPress v2.0 adds two additional speeds – 10 Gbps (CXP-10) and 12.5 Gbps (CXP-12). This doubles the cable bandwidth, so for example a 4-core cable can provide 4 GBytes/sec of data continuously and reliably from camera to frame grabber.
  • Multi-destination To allow for even faster cameras, v2.0 allows a single camera to send data to more than one frame grabber, which could be in different PCs.
  • Uplink Speed:  The uplink speed is also doubled for CXP-10 and CXP-12, so allowing trigger rates over 500kHz without requiring a dedicated high speed uplink cable.
  • GenICam:  Support for the industry standard GenICam is further enhanced by the addition of GenICam-compliant event packets. This allows the camera to signal events to the PC.  Support will be added for 3D-data formats that have been recently added to GenICam.
  • Micro-BNC: A new connector type, the Micro-BNC, is added. It is compact and robust, while also supporting CXP-10 and CXP-12 speeds.

Longer Term Roadmap

A number of other options are being considered for future versions of the standard including an optical physical layer as well as coax. An optical interface is straight forward since the data stream is already in a suitable serialized format.

Speed of course will continue to be improved as technology progresses.